sigma “standout eyes” gel liner

Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, beats a new Sigma order arriving at your front door after a long day. This power duo will step up your winged liner game to the next level 💖

E06 Winged Liner Brush
Standout Eyes Gel Liner in “Wicked”

colourpop cosmetics order

Just placed my first order to ColourPop Cosmetics! I ordered some awesome pigmented eyeshadows that I’ve heard nothing but great things about! Have any of you tried this brand before? What do you think? I’ll have 5 shades to review for you once I get my shipment- I’m too anxious!

I hate it when people post selfies of themselves with a full face of makeup in gorgeous clothes looking like a 10 and hella fine nd they apologise for ‘looking like crap’ in the caption like what the hell? If you know you look good, own it! Your selfies are gorgeous btw but that’s obvious ^^

THANK YOU, that is so, so kind (: I had about 15 more selfies but didn’t want to clog people’s feed! I appreciate your encouragement to own and embrace my beauty! Xx 

#MOTM: june makeup of the month

Hi everyone! So I know last month I skipped up on my Makeup Of The Month post, so I made up for it big time this month with TWO amazinnnnnnggggg products that you NEED to get: Maybelline Master Concealer and Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow. I have one drug store and one luxury brand to even out the playing field. My always obliging BFF Natalie modeled off these products for me at the end so stick around to see what they look like in action. So, without further ado- here’s June’s #MOTM!

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