How To: Flawless Base Routine

makeup artist

Hey, all! When I sat down and thought about what I wanted to write about, I kept stumbling upon one common denominator with everything I do in my makeup routine- my base. Even when I switch it up from simple to creative eye looks, I always start out with my base routine. I rarely change it because when I find products I love that work for me, I don’t feel the need to experiment. Sure, I’ll buy new products to test out and use, hoping I end up loving them, but sometimes you just don’t and find yourself using your tried and true, ride or die products. To me, I love testing new looks out on my eyes and lips, but my base is just that- my base. It holds everything together and needs to be flawless for my makeup to work. So, I thought I would share my current “Flawless Base Routine” with you in case you’re in the market for new products, need to know the steps, or if you’re just curious! Hopefully, by the end, you’ll know exactly what you need, start to finish, for a perfect face of makeup!

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fall favorites 2016

I’m back! It has been embarrassingly long since I’ve done a blog post and for that I’m so sorry! I’ve been working super hard over the past few months getting through school with Makeup Designory and becoming a certified makeup artist! Now that everything is settling down I finally have the time to start posting again, and what better was to start than with a Fall Favorites post!? Let’s jump right in.

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color correcting

The big beauty trend of 2016 so far seems to be color correcting. Although this technique has been used in the industry pretty much since the beginning, every brand these days is pushing this “trend.” Beauty Blender came out with a collection of color coordinated applicators, Tarte has a new cream palette, NYX has colored setting powders, MUFE has primers, the list goes on. And yes, I color correct everyday, I need it and I enjoy it. I do it on myself and my clients, but it is important to understand that there is no universal way to color correct. Just like everyone has their own shades of foundation that work for their skin tone, everyone has their own individual color correcting needs. I have seen far too many outrageous Instagram and YouTube “tutorials” on this technique, and feel that nearly 90% of what is out there is so unnecessary and is not coming from a place of knowledge or experience, but rather just hopping on the trend. If you’re one of the countless people out there looking at these videos and thinking “How the F*#% do I do that and why would I need to?” then stick around for this post. I’m going to lay out the color correcting basics for you and hopefully help you begin to understand what might work for you and your needs, and what is just completely wrong.

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