Fall favorites

As promised, I have an amazing list of my top makeup products for Fall 2015! These are all products that I pretty much use on a daily basis! I mixed in drug store and high-end products, for some variety. All of these products will keep you looking flawless for the season. I’ve been using all of them for a long time now, so I can vouch for the quality and the longevity of each one! So, in no particular order, here are my Fall Favorites!

nyx micro brow

  1. NYX Micro Brow Pencil

Ohhhhh my gosh what can I say about this brow pencil?! I have been on the hunt for a product that could replace the ABH Brow Wiz in my makeup collection for MONTHS now, and let me tell you guys, THIS. IS. IT. When I tell you it is nearly an EXACT dupe of the Brow Wiz, I am not joking. It is practically its identical twin! The best part, it’s over half the price, too. Just $10 gets you this brow pencil, as compared to the ABH price of $21. Do I even need to explain further? I mean, it’s easy to use, glides on, has great color pay off, and looks super natural. I use this product every single day. Usually when I go to work, I don’t wear a lot of makeup because

A) I like to sleep in

B) I use a lot on weekends/when I do new looks

C) My skin is pretty temperamental in the Fall/Winter

So, I like to let me skin take a break during the week. However, I still rock the essentials: Eyebrows, Mascara, and a lip. The NYX Micro Brow is perfect to enhance your brows on a daily basis. You can literally get fierce ass brows in 2 minutes with this thing. I even like to use this to shape my brows before I apply ABH Dip Brow when I’m doing a full face. Sorry ABH, but I will most likely never purchase a Brow Wiz ever again. This bad boy is here to stay!

morphe brushes

2. Morphe Blending Brushes

Okay, I’m gonna try to hold it together while I talk about these unreal blending brushes from Morphe Brushes. I honestly have never met a better pair than these two right here. I’m always on the hunt for a better blending brush, but guys, I don’t think it gets any better than these two right here.

  • The M412 is a pointed blending brush. The bristles are Sable so they are definitely going to give you softer results. This is the first brush I even touch when applying eyeshadow. I use it first to apply any transition shades, and then continuously throughout application to buff out my crease. It seriously creates the P E R F E C T look. I don’t know how this brush doesn’t get more attention from the big Morphe affiliates because it is bomb. I cannot do a look without it. The pointed tip allows accurate application, while the long bristles make it easy to eliminate harsh lines or mess ups. Comparable to the Sigma E40 brush.
  • The M433 is a firm blending fluff brush. I use this to apply any lower or outer crease colors. It is Goat hair, so it’s on the firm side, but still makes it easy to blend out any concentrated color you’re applying. It really holds product well, so I don’t have to stir my brush around a million times in an eyeshadow pan to pick up color. Pretty sure this brush is a dupe for the MAC 217 brush.

Did I mention both of these brushes are only $6 each right now? YOU HEARD RIGHT- these are MAC quality brushes for a drugstore price. I don’t even like these brushes just for the price (although it’s a huge plus). They are amazing quality, and hold their shape and durability even after I wash them week after week.

Makeup geek

3. Makeup Geek Single Eyeshadows

Of course you can have the perfect blending brushes, but what’s the use if you don’t have the perfect shadows to match? These are my GO TO Fall crease colors. They are just beautiful, rich red browns that can be used for daytime, nighttime, smokey, natural, glam, WHATEVER. These are by Makeup Geek Cosmetics and run for about $6 each. Again, we have MAC quality (I actually think I like them better than MAC) shadows for half the price!

  • Frappe” is a beautiful red-toned brown that I like to use as a transition shade when doing any type of warm eye look. Pair it with the M412 brush and you have the perfect match! It’s light enough to use as a transition shade, but you’re still able to build this color up to get the warmth and the depth you need. I’ll also use this as my darkest crease shade if I’m doing a natural daytime eye.
  • Cocoa Bear” is honestly just the most gorgeous deep-toned red brown that I use to add depth to my crease. I find myself pairing this shadow with my M433 brush a lot, and usually like to make it my lower or outer crease color.

Both of these are matte shadows, and have amazing pigmentation and color pay off. They are sooooo so easy to blend out and are the perfect shades for Fall. Don’t be intimidated by thinking they might now work with your skin tone or eye color, because they match ANYONE and EVERYONE! I highly recommend these shades for not only Fall, but year round!

nyx blush

4. NYX Blush in the shade “Dusty Rose”

Ahhhh this blush is so pretty! I have pretty pale skin, which is no secret, so I always struggle finding blush that doesn’t wash me out or make me look like a clown. This NYX blush in the shade “Dusty Rose” adds the right pop of color I’m looking for. The formula of this blush is also really amazing. It’s pigmented, but not too much, so one swipe of the brush gets the perfect amount of color for the apples of my cheeks. Rose shades are always beautiful for this season because it really goes with every look. I can use this for a little natural color or pair it with a super smokey eye. It’s also VERY affordable (around $6). So if you’re in not really a huge fan of blush and are just looking for one staple color you can rock for the season, this is definitely it!

smokey muse lashes

5. House of Lashes NEW “Smokey Muse” Lashes

I took a chance when I first ordered these. I really love whispy lashes because they tend to look more natural, but I was nervous because sometimes they just end up looking messy and unkempt. Obviously, House of Lashes did NOT disappoint because these are everything. I have worn nothing but these lashes for probably almost 3 weeks straight. They are super whispy and thick, so I can wear them with or without top eyeliner pretty easily. I think smokey eyes are just essential for Fall, so these lashes are clearly my new staple. If you like whispy lashes that are less dramatic, HOL has a few other styles like this to choose from. These are also on the more high-end side, I believe $9/pair, BUT you can purchase a 3 pack for $30 on their website, and they are REUSABLE as long as you take proper care of them!


6. Kat Von D Beauty Liquid Lipstick in the shade “Lolita”

Last, but certainly not least, my staple Fall lip color is Kat Von D’s “Lolita” liquid lipstick. I KNOW I am not the first person to rave about this one. Jaclyn Hill, Amrezy.. everyone loves this shade. And rightfully so. It’s the perfect combo of rose, red, pink and mauve all in one. I don’t know how it looks so good on literally everyone. It’s just that perfect universal color. I’ve had this color since probably June I think, but never really thought to wear it until Fall. I’m not so much a huge fan of the formula (it can be a little patchy, so I have to apply a fair amount), but the color result is worth it. 6 out of the 7 days of the week I am wearing this color. I like to combine it with ABH “Pure Hollywood” to lighten it up sometimes, too! This will run you $20 at any Sephora store. It’s pretty much always sold out everywhere, all the time, so you have to keep looking if you really want it. Pricey, but well worth it.


I hope you enjoyed my “Fall Favorites”! Let me know you favorites for the season so I can try them out, too! Below is a list of links to all the products I talked about in this post. Enjoy!

NYX Micro Brow


Morphe M412 and M433 Brushes



Makeup Geek Single Shadows “Frappe” and “Cocoa Bear”



NYX Blush in “Dusty Rose”


HOL “Smokey Muse” Lashes


Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick in “Lolita”


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